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[IP] EMT Training for diabetics

Interesting,  I just completed my EMT-Basic national certification and I 
am a bit surprised at what is being taught to new EMTs.  We are taught, 
the question for any diabetic should be "did you take your medicine 
today?" and "when did you last eat?".  The assumption is that if someone 
has not eaten for a while that they are having a diabetic emergency.  I 
don't know about everyone else, but my most likely time to have a 
hypoglycemic episode is 1.5 to 2.5 hours after a meal.  With Humalog and 
Novolog insulins, this is often the case.  This is usually due to 
inaccurate carb counting/estimating.    Also, taught to us in class 
was.... "diabetics are fragile people"...... "diabetics have multiple 
health problems" ...... "children with diabetes have more problems that 
adult diabetics" ..... etc.. etc....  It scares me a bit that EMTs are 
being taught that diabetics are not able to take care of themselves and 
this is now the EMTs responsibility.  I have never needed EMS in my 22 
years of having diabetes, and the day that I need them I worry more about 
the treatment that they are instructed to give me.  The answer to the 
question "did you take your medicine today?" = Yes just seconds ago, I 
take it continuously, and ...  "when did you last eat?" = 75 minutes ago. 
According to the training, I should not be having a diabetic emergency.  I 
hope that the EMS world can catch up with the new technology and educate 
about pump therapy, log insulins, aggressive therapy, insulin sensitizers, 
etc.  After all, we have come a long way since testing sugar in the urine, 
exchange diets, 24 hour urine glucoses, and semi-quantative glucose 
strips.  Heck, we don't even have to blot our glucose strips before 
entering them into the glucometer anymore.   Come on EMS,  your falling 
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