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[IP] People (men) SUCK

Pardon the stereotypical generalization cuz you KNOW I don't do that often 
 (ie medical professionals SUCK...health insurance SUCKS...diabetes
but this one takes the freaking 4 layer cake with chocolate frosting...

I met this guy...we went out for coffee, we went out to dinner, we went on a 
4 hour hike (before the place was torched into oblivion this past week).  I 
was very open about testing and he seemed totally into it...really 
 interested...asked lots of questions.....then I never heard from him. So,
stupidly, I sent
him an email and asked what was up - was he ok, did he not want to see me 
anymore, whatever

He wrote back that it was DIABETES he did not want to deal with.  here is a 
quote from his email:

> (hope this doesn't sound too selfish here...) I'm just not wanting to add 
> more of that into my life - not to mention I really don't want to have the 
> "caretaker" character in a relationship (even though, as we know, you very 
 > confident in taking "care" of yourself.) That's it - hopefully this doesn't
> your feelings, make you angry, etc.  I think/hope you understand.

and here is what I wrote back.....

In a supreme effort of restraint, and not wanting to write back a kneejerk, 
emotional response, I have been thinking about your letter for a while.  Time 
has not healed me.  

Yes it is selfish, Yes it hurts my feelings, yes it makes me angry, and yes I 
understand - you are a total jerk!  Forgive you for it?  probably not.  I am 
not looking for, nor do I need or want, a caretaker.  I certainly hope when 
 you DO find your dream girl, that she doesn't step off a curb the next day, get
hit by a truck and need a ventilator, and a caretaker, for the rest of their 
life...even worse...I hope it never happens to you!  

best of luck

SO...when you read July's Diabetes Interivew and learn all about my sexual 
escapades, you can REST assured, that it is all PAST tense......

Smarty Pants Arizona (SSPAZ)
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