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[IP] Ultra vs Ultra Smart


While I  like most of the added features of the Ultra Smart meter  imho 
there are some draw backs.  The back light is not so great.  It is 
comparable to  that found on older generation, gray scale Palms. While 
the count down and test results are still large, the font used for the 
various other features is fine and not nearly bold enough for easy 
reading.  The meter is indeed slightly larger and more rectangular than 
the Ultra.  It is about the same size as my Animas insulin pump, about 
the size of a deck of playing cards.  The case that comes with it is 
larger as well, roughly 4.5" x 6" compared to 4" x 5.5" for the Ultra 

I personally really liked the configuration of the Ultra case.  I could 
easily sample and test without removing anything from the case.  I find 
the Ultra Smart case not quite as easy to use and larger than it has to 
be.  They have turned the elastic used for holding the test strips so 
that bottle is held vertically such that the meter, test strips and 
lancet device are all side by side.  The elastic holding the lancet 
device is wider than that of the Ultra case and does not always allow 
for a good poke since the elastic covers part of the pull back trigger 
mechanism on the lancet.

Since I have the luxury of owning an extra Ultra case I thought I might 
simply cut off the curved edge of the plastic used for holding the Ultra 
and use this modified case to carry my new Ultra Smart and supplies, 
however this idea did not pan out since the new Ultra smart is a 
fraction thicker than its predecessor as well.

Good luck in your decision making.
- Ann

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