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Re: [IP] Re: sport guard for Paradigm

 Our daughter, Jenny, (14) does several high school and club sports
(field hockey, track, soccer). She disconnects for up to 2 hours at a
time. That way her pump is not endangered and it doesn't interfer with
her performance in sports. Just give yourself a bolus to cover the missed
basal. For a really strenuous time period, such as a soccer game or track
practice (she has found soccer practice and track meets to be less
strenuous), she cuts the basal in half. It works  pretty well. Jenny does
check her bg hourly during sports.

I would think this would work for water skiing and canoeing also. It does
take some experimenting to determine the amount of basal needed during
heavy exercise, but this would be true whether or not you remained
connected to the pump.


liz wrote:

    waterproof, but with waterskis popping up and possibly hitting the pump,
    canoes turning over, etc. I would feel a lot more comfortable with a  


    heavy duty way to protect my pump and keep it strapped to me securely.  


    anyone know of a better way than the Sport Guard?  

  i guess the handyman's secret weapon wouldn't be *quite* the thing in this
  case. :)
  the only thing i can think of is to maybe attach it somehow under clothes,
  so that assuming your bathing suit doesn't come off easily, neither will
  your pump.  i'm hoping people have some better ideas. :)
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