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[IP] D-TronPlus Headaches

I've had my D-TronPlus now for about ~8 months now and am somewhat annoyed.  

 The silicone bumps that surround the buttons keep falling off. It seems like
they are simply glued on and eventually that glue just fails.

 I've sent back one pump because both of these silicone pieces have fallen off,
and another one because the pump's vibrator stopped working. The pump I'm
currently using has had 1 of 2 of the silicone pieces fall off and am hesitant
to send this one back because:

A) What good will it do if it will just fall off again in 2 months?


 B) I read about Disetronic's FDA problems this morning and for all I know It
will take them 6 weeks to get me a replacement.

In 4 years prior w/ an H-TronPlus I never had problems like this.

Other things that give me pause:

 Ultraflex Infusion Sets: 2-3 times I've had the tubing literally break off from
the luer lock where they join. Disetronic says say that this tubing should be
stronger than the old tubing, but in comparison the tubing in their Tender never
had such a problem. I now am careful not to pull/yank at my tubing whatsoever.

 Size: I really miss the formafactor of the H-TronPlus. It is alot smaller
compared the D-TronPlus.

 I wish they could cram the backlight, vibrator & prefilled cartdrige on the

 PS - Saw a woman wearing a Minimed 508 yesterday in the mall...felt great to
see another pumper out in public for a change.
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