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Re: [IP] Disappointed in the Discovery Channel--More DM stuff that seemswrong

> I think that it was very confusing to the general public
> I don't want people thinking that every time I get low, I drop into a
> "diabetic coma".
 > does anyone know about the brain damage thing? They said several times that
> his blood sugar wasn't raised quickly enough he could have
> irreversible brain damage.

They found the person unconcious on the ground.
They did not know how long he had been there, how long his blood sugar had been
low.  Was he a type 1 or 2.  How long had he had DM.
IMO and understanding, lows not promptly treated can lead to a few brain cell
Each case is individual.
IMO, I think frequent, untreated lows might cause brain cell death.
IMO, testing often can avoid lows that cause unconciousness.
 Yes you are right about what type of insulin had been used, for/with the amount
glucose given was not explained.  The general population would not be aware of
 fact, I don't think. The point was, IMO, that having diabetes is serious
and show helped make people more aware of fact.
I think with "tight control" regimes, lows are more common.
Not every diabetic is well educated about DM.  The why's, what to do, and other
detailed information is not learned, alot of DMers don't feel it necessary to
learn details, enhancements for their treatment, that thre are choices for
Accidents can happen, even with what we think is good control.  Nothing is
perfect.  Linda K
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