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Re: [IP] Animas Infusion Set Question

At 10:03 PM -0600 6/29/03, Laura Shapiro wrote:
>Animas users:  I am currently on an Animas trial, and loving it.  I was
>pondering though, the Silhouette type sets and wondering what else is
>available.  I know there are shorter needles out there now (right?) and sets
>with tape like the Sils that doesn't need extra tape.  But what does Animas
>call them, and do they work well?  I could not use the 90 degree sets from
>Minimed because I always hit muscle and every single site kept going bad.  I
>never and I mean never have any problem with the Sils, but the needle sure is
>huge.   I was just curious if there is a sample I might ask Animas for?

Animas is supposed to be releasing a shorter length cannula with the 
Tender/Sil/Comfort design.  It looks like it will be a good set for 
kids and those who haven't sent Ben & Jerrys stock to record highs. 
And speaking of Tenders, have you gotten samples from Disetronic yet? 
Ask them for a sample of the Ultraflex and the Rapids if you don't 
mind a metal needle.  I alternate between the 8 and 10 mm Ultraflex 
in my abdomen and the 6 mm Rapids in my arm.

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