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[IP] pump and level question

Well I started on the pump a month ago and only noticed one problem and I do
not understand why can someone explain this to me.
I woke up and checked my level and it was 175, I checked it through out the
day and it keep on going up to 200-212 ect.  I was giving my self insulin
very often and still my level would not go down.  I even changed the
infusion site, tube and everything.  To make a long story short  I gave
myself 76 units of humulog all before 2pm and my level would not go down
below 200.  I changed everything on the pump, cord infusion site and still
my level would not go down and I did not even eat anything that day.
Finally it went down to 86 at 6pm but my normal insulin intake is 35-40
units a day and why did it take 76 in half a day before my level start going
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