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[IP] Sil-serter and YMMV

Yessi wrote:
>My pump start date is 6/25 (I'm excited!)  I'll be using the Silhouette
>infusion sets with my MiniMed Paradigm.  These seemed to be the best choice
>for me because I am small and slim.  My pump trainer said that the
>Sil-serter was more trouble than it was worth, easier to insert by hand.
>I'd sure appreciate any suggestions/encouragement on how to get started.  To
>me, those introducer needles looked a heck of a lot bigger than my tiny
>little 33 G syringes!  Any tips would surely be appreciated.  Thanks!
and, again on Sunday,
Yessi, the sill's inserter needle does look threatening but I have found the
sil the best set for me. I prefer not to use the inserter due to paranoia and
being a chicken-hearted-worry-wart. When I do use it, I end up getting it
wrong somehow needing to change my set anyway. So my thought - why bother when
I can do it better via self insertion. I give myself the visual regarding the
35-45 degree angle and do just fine. The needle is sharp and goes in within
any dragging, etc
My problem is scar tissue on my midriff so I have been creative placing sets
on my sides and back. Many times I have to lay on my side and insert or have
my husband insert for me. If you have help, just make sure you can disconnect
it on your own with nobody's help. That can be a pain.
My advice is to psych yourself up and do it. Insertion isn't bad for this
chicken, I have gotten over it (self-insertion not with the inserter). I think
we all have ways to deal with the things we don't like with pumping - for me
is to somehow find ways to increase the pleasure by listening to relaxing (or
favorite) music, finding a method to the madness. Insertion is something
pumpers have to do and for me it is "just getting through it" so I don't have
to spend the time walking away and have to return. Sometimes doing that is not
feasible! Take care! and welcome to pumping! Sharon B
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