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[IP] Sil-serter & YMMV

Yessi wrote:
>My pump start date is 6/25 (I'm excited!)  I'll be using the Sillouette
>infusion sets with my MiniMed Paradigm.  These seemed to be the best choice
>for me because I am small and slim.  My pump trainer said that the
>Sil-serter was more trouble than it was worth, easier to insert by hand.
>I'd sure appreciate any suggestions/encouragement on how to get started.  To
>me, those introducer needles looked a heck of a lot bigger than my tiny
>little 33 G syringes!  Any tips would surely be appreciated.  Thanks!
and, again on Sunday,
>Hi everyone!  I just got home from my pump training.  After weeks of reading
>your posts, emails, and websites I can finally call myself A Fellow Pumper!

Yessi, Welcome to Pumping!  I've only been pumping for a year, so I can
remember quite well the starting out part.  I agree with your trainer about
the sil-serter and I insert it manually, too, but I've come to truly
YMMV by reading the IP posts. You really DO have to try things out for
yourself.  Even if  I did know other pumpers personally, I doubt I'd
get the wealth of information, humor, camaraderie and openness that I find in
reading these posts.  My trainer told me that I would get less kinks if I had
Quick-Set tube pointing up.  I don't know how she knew this.  I haven't found
it's true for me. I thought I had to use the IV3000 tape & have found that,
with the
IV Prep, the tape on the set works just fine.  (For almost a year I had the
patch filling up with water when I showered because the tube was pointing up!
I never disconnected to shower because I had trouble with the quick set hub.
After reading posts where others had the same problem & getting the tips
I got the courage to try again and it's a snap now.)  My trainer never
refilling the reservoirs.  I saw it here & have saved lots of $ reusing the
Congratulations! and Keep us posted.

Lee & her Clear Paradigm
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