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[IP] temperature restricts pump (2nd try)

Tom wrote:
I wear my MM508 clipped to the waistline of my bicycle shorts, and I
have found that I need a temp basal of 0.2 unit/hr (which is 0.1 unit
delivered every 0.5 hour) for the duration of the ride (compared to 0.7
Sharon Wrote:
Tom, you could wear a fanny pack and put the pump in a frio placing the pump
and frio in the fanny pack. It never gets that hot in Michigan, thank
goodness, but sometimes feel awfully close. Novolog is supposed to do better
in the heat but I can't attest to that as of this summer. Last year, I would
just put the pump in with one of those little ice pack things that go in the
kids' lunch box. That seemed to work out good. Good for you having a good time
biking! Happy pumping Sharon B
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