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[IP] Temperature Restricts Pump

Every Sunday morning I ride my bicycle with the Arizona Bicycle Club, 
which I have belonged to for 25 years. The rides are anywhere between 
20 and 35 miles. We start at 6:30 in the summer and 7:30 in the winter. 
We always ride to a restaurant and have breakfast before returning to 
the starting point. It usually takes about 3.5 hours.

The max temperature forecast for today is 113 degrees F (45 C), which 
is more than a little bit above the upper limit of 86 F for Humalog. I 
didn't expect to be riding when the temperature hit the max, but I did 
note that on Saturday the temperature reached 100 F at 10:00 am before 
reaching the max of 112F later in the day. Relative humidity on 
Saturday ranged from 24% at the low temperatures to 4% at the max 
temperature. So I decided that I should finish my ride about 8:00.

I wear my MM508 clipped to the waistline of my bicycle shorts, and I 
have found that I need a temp basal of 0.2 unit/hr (which is 0.1 unit 
delivered every 0.5 hour) for the duration of the ride (compared to 0.7 
unit/hr on non-ride days), so leaving the pump at home wasn't really an 
option. I doubt whether a Frio pump wallet would be practical to clip 
to the waistline of the shorts.

I left home on my bicycle at 5:45 so I would arrive at the starting 
point for the club ride at 6:00. Between 6 and 6:30 I helped with 
getting all the riders (50-60) to sign the insurance waiver, which we 
have to do every week. We split into five groups, all heading for the 
same restaurant (but different every week). I decided I would ride with 
my usual group until we reached the freeway underpass, which is about 
half way to this week's restaurant. There I headed back to the starting 
point via a different route, and then home, getting there about 8:00.

This just shows that it's necessary to make special arrangements in 
dealing with temperature extremes. Most of you don't run into extremes 
like we have in Arizona.

Tom Beatson
dx 12/1942, 506 1995, 508 2000
Phoenix AZ
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