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RE: [IP] Re:Line clogging

If you have the book Pumping Insulin they list the clogging problems on page
213. The most common problem is a low infusion rate, leaving the pump in
suspend mode for lengthy periods or bad insulin. The subject is covered very
well in the book if you have it. The cde I went to at first blamed insulin
crystallization on Humalog but I agree with George and believe that most of
the problems lie in the basal delivery rate. I don't think there are as many
problems with clogging with the pumps that have the 3 minute delivery rate.


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Hi Peter, thanks for the info.    The clogging takes place inside the middle
of the cannula.  It doesnt look like tissue, it looks like yellowish , or
sometimes clear gunky stuff.  I do thinks its the insulin staying stagnant.
Anthony at times gets 0.0.  I think that may be the problem.
Thanks again.

KRista Nastro
Mom to Anthony  21/2, Pumping w/ Paradigm 4/7/03 DX'D 8/25/02
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