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Re: [IP] Re: Clogged Catheter

Have you tried U25?  My son had this problem with U100 Humalog and  U25 
Humalog.  He is on the minimed Paradigm and his basal was at 0 all day, 
now that he is older (6 yrs)  he is only at 0 for 4 hours.  A thought.

email @ redacted wrote:

>Hi Peter thanks for writing back..  We are currently using U50.  Tried the 
>Novolg and was still clogging.  The lowest basal is 0.0 at 12mid., 2 am , and 
 >4am. The highest basal is 0.4. So the daytime basals vary. Carb ratios vary
>too, 1:28 to 1:50 depending on the time of day.  Have not tried any other 
 > infusion sets. I'm thinking of another pump mabey. I am so confused. I want
 > help my son and get him on the right track. I hate it when he is high due to
>clogged catheter. 
>Thanks again.\
>Krista Nastro
>Mom to Anthony 2 1/2 Pumping w/Paradigm 4/7/03
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