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[IP] Re:Sil needles

Shelley, have you tried the 6mm QuikSet? They go in quickly and don't really
need a serter. I found them to be much like a short needle syringe stick. If
Joshua those 3/8" needles the QuikSets should work.     Peter

> Brent-
>  I inserted two Sils/Essentials into my tummy during my saline trial prior to
> Joshua's pump start with NO pain (course I have way more, hmmmmm, "fat" to
> insert into than my son, who's 37 lbs). I bought the sil-serter thinking that
> would be helpful.
>  Well, my daughter used the sil-serter when the CDE came for Joshua's saline
> start (into "fake flesh") and the needle BENT! The CDE is a pumper herself &
> discouraged us from using the insertion device.
>  Joshua screams uncontrollably over every site change, it take two of us to
> him down, whether using EMLA, ice, or nothing. It's not the "pain" it's the
> needle. He tries everything to put it off 'til another time. Hopefully this
> get better. (He's been pumping less than 1 month.)
> Shelley
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