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Re: [IP] New Minimed Pump Info

>  > >3) Temporary Bolus
>>  >- Temporary bolus can be either insuling rate/hour or a percent of
>>  >your current basal rate.
>  > >
>  > If MMM is truly coming out with a "percentage" temp basal rate, then
>>  it must be a complete re-design of their current "stepper/DC motor".
>>  The only way you can get percentage steps (typically of 10%) in a
>>  "stepper" pump is by being on a 1.0 u/hr rate to begin with.
>No. I don't think a stepper/DC motor change is required. For example If you
>currently have a basal setting of 0.7 units/hr the pump delivers 0.1 units
>every 514 seconds. To decrease this by 10% the 0.1 unit is supplied every
>565 seconds.

Hmmm.  I calculated that the 90% rate of the normal 0.7 was a tenth 
unit every 571.428571 seconds, or 9-1/2 minutes to be 'imprecise' 
;>)    No problem with that, but what if you are at a 50% basal? 
That would be a tenth every 1028 seconds or a little over 17 minutes. 
At what point would you start to develop problems with insulin 
crystallization?  IMO, that is where the benefits of "every three 
minutes" keeps problems from occurring.    :>)

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