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Re: [IP] Novolog vs Humalog

I use Novolog. The last time I went to get my script filled they didn't have
any Novolog, the guy gave me Humalog (free vial). I used it on 3 site
all 3 changes, I had itching, stinging and had to change after the 2nd day
to high bg's. I got the novolog and changed a new set, haven't had any
problems. I actually found when injecting, that Novolog works better for me
then Humalog. definately a YMMV situation.


> I debated the switch to novalog because of the problems that I had with
> Lilly's regular insulin and the little tails kicking out insulin at
> inopportune times. I am doing quite well with the novalog especially now
> that it is very warm here in Michigan. My sites always look good even on
> third day and so have my sugars on the third day. I have no problems with
> insurance paying for insulin - I have blue cross blue shield. Happy
> Sharon B
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