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[IP] New Minimed Pump Info

Tina Parkhurst said:
>Changes from the Paradigm 511:

>1) Bolus Wizard
>- A new feature that helps you calculate your bolus amount - takes into
>consideration previous boluses, blood glucose readings, and meals.
>- If the Bolus Wizard is turned on, the pump will also accept BG readings
>from the Paradigm Link Glucose meter (nifty looking little meter by BD -
>sends readings to the pump remotely).  One of the facilitators there
>suggested that the meter would actually be included with the pump.

>2) BG reminder
>- The BG reminder is an optional feature that beeps or vibrates to remind
>you ti check your BG after a bolus.

>3) Temporary Bolus
>- Temporary bolus can be either insuling rate/hour or a percent of your
>current basal rate.

>4) Alarm Clock
>- The alarm clock allows you to set up to eight alarms throughout the day to
>remind you of an event or activity.

>5) Low reservoir warning
>- The warning is adjustable and can be set for a specified number of insulin
>units or hours of insulin remaining.

>6) Alarm and bolus history
>- The history features now allow you to select an item and view the details

Isn't it strange that Minimed never thought of this until the Cozmo appeared
on the scene??  I believe we pumpers are the winners in this new technology
competition scramble ;-)

George Davis
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