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Subject: [IP] air in tubing--any suggestions?

Here's a suggestion.  I was having the same problem.  I was re-priming
the pump at least once a day.   I was baffled with this problem!  When I
finished filling the resevoir there were hardly any bubbles.  But as the
time went on, they accumulated in the resevoir, hence, in the tubing.   
 Anyway...this is what was suggested to me and it DID help.   It's a
little more time consuming, but so was re-priming the pump 1-2 times a
day (and a huge waste of insulin)! Take a syringe (or the "plunger" part
of the pump reservoir) and take the air OUT OF the insulin (Humalog or
Novolog) bottle.  Ya know how you usually put air in before you draw up
insulin?  Well DO THE OPPOSITE.Put the syringe in the insulin bottle with
the plunger down all the way.  Now, draw up the plunger (towards the
ceiling) so it's taking some air out of the bottle.  Take the syringe off
while it's drawn up so you're not putting the air back in.   Do this
quite a few times. When you go to fill the reservoir with insulin, you
should notice there's a lot more pressure while filling the reservoir
with the insulin.  It's a little more difficult filling the reservoir
with the pressure in it, but it drastically helped my problem.  I still
have to re-prime, maybe once, in the 3 days, but the air pockets aren't
as big, long, or frequent!   Good Luck!


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