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Re: [IP] New Minimed Pump Info

At 10:49 PM -0700 6/26/03, Tina Parkhurst wrote:

>Changes from the Paradigm 511:
>3) Temporary Bolus
>- Temporary bolus can be either insuling rate/hour or a percent of 
>your current basal rate.

If MMM is truly coming out with a "percentage" temp basal rate, then 
it must be a complete re-design of their current "stepper/DC motor". 
The only way you can get percentage steps (typically of 10%) in a 
"stepper" pump is by being on a 1.0 u/hr rate to begin with.  Maybe 
what they are meaning is that when you "change your rate by 0.1 unit" 
that it will give the change rate results in a percentage answer. 
Thus if I was on a 0.6 u/hr rate and increased that by 0.1 it would 
tell me I had increased my basal by 16.67 percent.

George       :>)
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