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[IP] Re: Was: Re: Got Islets? ---Childrens Conference Now: research news?

I believe that the islet transplants are being done in several USA centres.  
Edmonton is still doing them with pretty good success and very recently 
 British Columbia announced that a program had started with full government
The procedure is done slightly differently here (I live in B.C.), though the 
press release didn't specify what would be the difference.  The anti-rejection 
drugs cost around Cdn $1000 per month.  The side effects vary from person to 
person.  Some are hardly affected while others suffer from them.  

I had the good fortune to hear islet cell transplant patient number 4 in the 
Edmonton protocol speak at our JDRF Walk for a Cure kick-off rally.  He is a 
 lucky one with only very minor side effects from the immumosuppresant drugs and
has been completely off insulin, with normal bgs. for several years.  Some of 
the US centres doing the procedure have not had as high a success rate as has 
Edmonton, and he speculated that he thought the reason why had to do with the 
separation of the islet cells. 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9  
>  Speaking of research, when my son was first dxd the results of the islet
> cell transplant study in Canada had just been released.  They said next they
> would be doing the same transplant research here in the US.  That was over
> three years ago and yet I haven't heard any more news on this.  Does any one
> here know any details?
> Thanks,
> Mindy
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