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[IP] Pump Logic

Hi all I am 1/2 way through a pump logic class at Joslin in Boston. I had 
 interest because they put you on the cmgs. Like all pumpers I wanted to see for
my self what my BG is doing at night. As it turned out yesterday was my 
 birthday, so I went out to eat with cmgs and all. They told me to try the
 wile I was on and see how good I could figure for the high fat! Well, DR
said he had never seen a pumper  do it better. I calculated the carbs right 
 and stayed between 70 and 115. I did a square wave for 4 hours 6-10PM. The only
things I did wrong was I took too much at meal time which got me to 70 45 
 minutes after I ate. Had I split the dose to 50% at meal and 50% square I would
 not had the low of 70? The only other thing I should have done was put my basal
up 10% after mid night because I did climb to 144 at 2 AM. I told him I had 
learned most of my pump skills on IP. At any rate if an old man like me can do 
this you can too. Roger C (dx12/1/47 pm 5/7/00) dragging two hockey pucks this 
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