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Re: [IP] Changing from Humalog to Novolog

My experiences with Novolog are similar to yours in that my blood sugar
bounces from high to low and back again with no good middle ground.  I'd
love to have to same results that everyone else seems to get from switching 
to Novolog, but it isn't a wonder drug in my book.

I never could get Novolog mastered and went back to Humalog after a month
or so.  I run pretty level on it most of the time.

--- Ed & Joyce Kai <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I've been pumping for > 3 years and have just had to change from Humalog to
> Novolog insulin.  (insurance issue).
> I wondered if anyone had any problems, etc. when you changed.
> I've had some unexplained high blood sugars, then bottomed out during the
> night last night.  Wondered if anyone has any info to share with me.
> Thanks
> Joyce
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