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Re: [IP] lab tests and nurses!


I understand the natural instinct of a mother bear for its cub.  Personally
though, I don't keep track of my microalbumin levels I just count bubbles.

Seriously though, I do keep track of my Creatanine, which surprisingly has
gone from 3.3 down to 1.9.

Sorry for your bad experience with the nurse.  Knock on wood my nurses and
techs have been very good people to me.

Best luck,


> Taylor (12 dx 3-9-99, pump 3-6-00), had a microalbumin test today.  His
> back at 35 (norm <20).  I couldn't get through to his Dr as I was sleeping
> (work nights), so I will call in the AM.  Has anyone else had to deal with
> this yet and if so what are they doing about it?
> Holly
> PS: The nurse who worked for our Dr today made me so angry!!  She acted as
> though I was an alien for wanting the tests done, and like an idiot when
> left the message.  Can anyone tell I did not get enough sleep
today--should be
> a long night as I am now leaving for work, until 6 am).
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