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Re: [IP] Re: Pain with inserter

No, you didn't receive the wrong info on your end.  It just seems that some
CDEs running around out there are teaching people to walk (serters) before
they crawl (manual insertion).  =)

If the inserters fail and work improperly, people who haven't been taught to
do a manual insertion are at a significant disadvantage.


--- LawnNinja <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I thought the only difference between disetronic and minimed infusion sets
> (other than the newer proprietary hook ups like on the paradigm)
> was that Minimed's COULD be used with the various inserters but they COULD
> also be used manually....I've been using both methods...The inserter hurts
> sometimes- but only when used on my belly-great for hard to reach areas....
> Am I receiving the wrong info on my end?
> Bekka
> email @ redacted
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