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RE: Subject: [IP] quick set failures

When I went to a nearby diabetes clinic the cde stated that there was a
problem with Humalog crystallizing more than the Novalog used in the
Paradigm pump. From reading Pumping Insulin there could be a slight problem
with the basal delivery rate if there is not a need for higher dosages of


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Yes,   just recently I've been having the same problem with the quick
set.  Well, my 9 year old daughter - not me.   THe same exact problem was
happening.  She had high numbers 1-2 days after changing set.  When I
changed the set, everything looked just fine.   It was suggested to me to
change to Novolog before trying the silhouettes.   I did that.  So far,
it's worked!!!!  It is believed by some that Novolog may be absorbed
better than Humalog.  When I asked my daughters doctor for a prescription
for Novolog she said okay - but she never heard of this and she didn't
think it would make a difference (I think she thought I was nuts!!).
I'm still in the preliminary stage of this, but so far 1 1/2weeks later
I've had NO problem with the quick set.   I have not had to change it
early due to high numbers!!  I've actually had to REDUCE my daughte! rs
basal rates since using Novolog.  Please try that first.

Also, if you are having problems people HAVE TO call Mini-Med and express
this.  When I called them the first thing they say is "we haven't had any
other complaints"!  If there's a problem they need to know so they can
rectify it.

Has anyone else out there solved this problem by trying the Novolog????


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