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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #356

The JDA [Jewish Diabetes Association) has exclusive rights for distribution 
of GlucoUp, the only glucose tablets with kosher certification, which we hope 
will shortly be selling nationwide in all pharmacies.  For more info please 
contact us.
In reference to Winkies or rockets, these were discovered by Dr. Richard 
Bernstein and myself to be equivalent to glucose tablets in their nutrition 
values, and, of course are kosher and quite convenient.
Keep in mind that apple juice is fructose and needs to be converted to 
 glucose. When one is very low this extra step can seem like an eternity. One
tends to over compensate when treating low BG with juice and/or candies.  This 
is one of the main advantages to glucose tablets (Winkies or rockets).  As 
stressed by Dr. Bernstein one of the main reasons for high BG after lows is 
Nechama Cohen
Founder & Executive Director
Jewish Diabetes Association (since 1985)
<A HREF="www.jewishdiabetes.org">www.jewishdiabetes.org</A>
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