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[IP] Re: Pain with Inserter

My son uses a Minimed 508.  He found the pain  - physical or emotional -
with using an inserter so overwhelming that he went off the pump
entirely (and was miserable).   A wonderful rep from Disetronic -
Christine O'Rourke - suggested that Benj try Disetronic's infusion sets,
which don't use an inserter at all, with the Minimed pump and reservoir.
Benj has had absolutely no problem since changing to the Disetronic
infusion sets three months ago - he says it's just like giving a shot.
Sometimes there's a bit of pain, just like a shot, most times nothing.
While YMMV, all I am suggesting is sometimes we need to think around the
problem.  We never considered just using some other company's product
and suffered way too long with this problem.  Good luck.

Nilene Chase
(mother of Benj - 15, dxd 5/98)


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