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Re: [IP] quick set failures

part of my original post:
<I have been having a lot of high bgs with 6mm
quicksets, and when I pull them out, they aren't
kinked.  The cannula is no longer at a 90 degree
angle,however, but slanted, at 45 degrees or so...sort
of off-kilter...>
Tnanks to those who replied:

Thanks to Gail for reporting the same trouble - I feel
better knowing someone else has the trouble..and maybe
I'll see an improvement with the Sils!

To Greg, who suggested scar tissue may be causing
this: I'm using upper abdomen sites where I never did
shots, and actually the worst sites have been brand
new areas, where I'd never insterted a site, or given
an injection either...weird.

Thanks again!!!


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