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[IP] quick set failures

Hello, I searched the archives and couldn't find
anything on this problem, specifically:  I have been
having a lot of high bgs with 6mm quicksets, and when
I pull them out, they aren't kinked.  The cannula is
no longer at a 90 degree angle,however, but slanted,
at 45 degrees or so...sort of off-kilter...
This must be what is causing my  high bgs...?  (I do
wonder where the boluses go, when they don't work
properly..they bring down bg a little but not much)

Minimed is sending me sillouhettes to try (hope they
work, I've been changing sites ALOT lately!), but I
just wondered if anyone else has had this happen with
high blood sugars and 'angled' cannulas?

No pain, no redness, just high blood sugars that
resolve after I change the site.  

Thanks in advance!

Anna in Seattle
dx'd 05/80 (age 12) 
pumping since 05/08/03  paradigm

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