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Thanks for a reply!
It seems that no one wants to get involved with me in reference to this?
 I called a lawyer too first to see what options I had..he said try to talk with
them first which I did and ofcourse that didnt work either they refused to let
me come back to work said it was unsafe as they changed my position to be
working alone working a pm shift not am shift in a small office at a strip mall
meaning I would have to take my pump off multiple times a day.
 According to the ADA as I understand you have to be able to do the essential
functions of your job with or without an accomodation. I cant take the pump off
20x a day to bring the patient in/out of the room although I can do everything
else within my job.
 I worked with the pump for 1 year with no problems. i did take the pump off
occasionally when working alone which did flucuate my sugars but I was alright
with this as I love my Job. Now Im on a job search for a new job.
 My employer said that they cant afford another person to assist with bringing
the patient in/out of the room...they are having financial difficulties. Its not
fair but for some reason I seem to get screwed?
 Yes, My mom thinks its because Im on the pump and its raised the premiums for
the insurance plus I had two surgeries in three months. We had to complete an
insurance form when they were looking for new coverage and it asked if you had
any costs over $5000 I answered yes..The pump is! How do you prove thats the
 Im not sure what to do...hopefully I could just collect unemployment and find a
new job in the meantime that gives me benefits?
Whats the certificate ??  I didnt think I could do disability as I can work.

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