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Re: [IP] Less Pain on Insertion with Quick Set

Sandra, i have to assume that u are using the "IV prep" and letting it dry
tacky for about 30
seconds, and then installing the Quick Set. If you do not wait, several
thing could happen.
1. it might sting, dragging alcohol in with it.

2. it needs to get tacky, it very close to contact cement when done

hope this helps,


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>My 9 year old is on the pump.  Lately, the insertion with the Quick Set
>has been hurting her.  It hurts just when I'm inserting it and sometimes,
>maybe, for 30-60 seconds later.   I'm using an area with plenty of
>tissue/fat. I'm using the buttocks area.  Ice doesn't work because after
>I ice the area up the Quick Set won't stick!   I tried the ice a few
>times with the same result.  The quick set just won't stick. I was
>thinking of trying the Ela Max.  Anybody have any comments or suggestions
>regarding this. Thanks.Sandra....mom of Maria.
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