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[IP] Frio - Bathing Suits

Ok, so please do not laugh.

 I was wondering if any of the 'experienced' fashion-conscious :o) pumpers can
provide some advise. I know it is silly, but although I have never been
embarrassed of my pump - I am always showing it and talking about it to anyone
that wants to listen- I want to find a 'pretty' way to use this Frio while on
the beach.

 I bough my Black Frio pump wallet thingy for my trip to the Beach in August. I
just do not know how one could/would 'attach' the pump/wallet to my bathing suit
when in the beach (not in the water - I plan to just remove the pump from the
Frio when I go into the water- but just in the beach taking some sun or walking
around). I can see how to use it when you are properly dressed as long as your
outfit uses a belt, but I rarely use a belt and when trying to 'place' the Frio
with my bathing suit- I tried a few ways this weekend- I just could not come up
with anything that will work. It seems so big when it is all set/gelled and done
and it is missing a clip (Don't get me wrong, I am static that Frio exists and
that I can afford to buy it.) But I am so use to the pump's clip. I always wear
it 'clipped' to my waist so I was hoping it would have something I could 'clip'.

 I have plenty time so I will try a few things. If you have gone through this
before, I would appreciate any help. I was thinking I can put it in my purse
(since I have the long tubing) when I walk around but that does not solve the
problem when I do not carry my purse in the beach.

As always, thank you very much in advance and feel free to e-mail me privately.

Eloisa and Bombita (MM's Paradigm)
Dx'd 2/11/02 Pumping since 6/02
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