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Re: [IP] Animas & Cosmo Pump Users

I have used both the Animas and Cozmo pumps.  I use over 300 units per
day. The Animas pump has a 255 unit limit per day, which only can be
bypassed by changing the pumps date, and thereby messing up the history.
 The Cozmo does not have the 255 unit limit, so I can just change the
cartridge.  I like the Animas pump, but the Cozmo does have some neat
features, and has been trouble free, just like the Animas.  If you don't
use huge amounts of insulin, as I do, either the Animas or Cozmo would
be good choices.  
The Animas is easier to conceal under clothing as it is about a 1/4"
thinner...and that is a lot.  The Cozmo has the vibrate feature, which
the Animas does not.  I personally prefer the Vibrate over the noise.  I
wish the Cozmo had a clip that attaches directly to the pump like the
Animas.  The Cozmo has a nice plastic holster in which the pump can be
rotated to any angle.  Very comfortable on a belt.  The clip that is on
the Cozmo holster will not hold on other clothing very well.  It seems
to be designed to be only worn on a belt. the Animas clip will hold on
about anything, right side up on down. 
I like the single AAA battery on the Cozmo, instead of the 357
batteries in the Animas.  If you have any trouble with your fingers, the
Animas battery change can be problematic.  But, the batteries Las a lot
longer in the Animas.  Customer service with Animas was very good, and
Cozmo's has been OK.  I am not sure if Animas every got their interface
from the computer to the pump available, but Cozmo does have a workable
IR port.
Any other questions, you can e-mail me directly.  
Bob in Peoria, IL

>...feedback from users of Animas and Cozmo pumps as to
any problems encountered with the use of either pump and ease of use.
also appreciate any opinions as to how you've found customer service.
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