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Re: [IP] Re: Value of Sil-serters

Yessi, i use the quick-set infusion sets with an serter. I paid $10.00 for it.

It came highly recommended, inserting it manually could cause the canula to


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>  Yessi,  I think that your pump trainer is wrong. The value of the 
>Sil-serter varies according to the skin sensitivity and the location of the
>insertion site. There are times that I don't need it and times that it is
>the only way to use an uncomfortable area or insert in an awkward site. It
>also helps to get over the hesitation period that comes when you first look
>at the introducer needle.
>    After a year of sil use the serter has become a sometime-aid for me. I
>understand that they cost about $50 and I don't know if I would pay it out
>of my pocket. Maybe.        Peter
>> My pump start date is 6/25 (I'm excited!)  I'll be using the Sillouette
>> infusion sets with my MiniMed Paradigm.  These seemed to be the best choice
>> for me because I am small and slim.  My pump trainer said that the
>> Sil-serter was more trouble than it was worth, easier to insert by hand.
>> I'd sure appreciate any suggestions/encouragement on how to get started.
>> me, those introducer needles looked a heck of a lot bigger than my tiny
>> little 33 G syringes!  Any tips would surely be appreciated.  Thanks!
>> Yessi Palmer, Gig Harbor, WA
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