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RE: [IP] Re: EzManager plus


Can you also upload data from the programm to the Animas pump?


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Unterhaltung: [IP] Re: EzManager plus

Betreff: [IP] Re: EzManager plus

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>New version 3.0 has some better reports I think, though I cannot for the

>of me find anyplace to record my different basal programs. Help anyone?

>As I am about to trial an Animas, and hopefully will be acquiring one soon

>after, I cant wait to see the Plus capabilities!

That is done in the EZ Manager Desktop, where most of the heavy data

manipulation is done, such as building your custom Food Database.

Check under Logs, Pump Settings or press <cntl> "P". That will open

a screen to access all the data settings on the Animas pump including

all 4 Basal Profiles.



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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: