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[IP] Humor in testing

The first time I had heard about "gushers" was from the mail list. It has not 
occured yet for me, and I am glad I know that the possibility exists so I 
 won't freak if it does. Something funnier, I think, happened about midnight
I went to do a Glucose check. 

Was sitting on my bed, got the strip ready and pricked the finger, and put 
 the pricker down. I went to squeeze the finger, and a small jet of blood shot
and squirted on my glasses. 

Never has that happened before, nor have I ever anticipated it. At first I 
was surprised, then just fell over laughing. Several minutes later, I finally 
got around to doing the test without futher "oil strikes". 

Okay, maybe it doesn't seem so funny now, but at the time it was. Just 
thought I would share a smile and a Diabetic adventure.

Tina H. dxd 94, insulin 96, pumping 4/10/03
Smile, it counts as exercise cause it takes more muscles to smile than it 
does to frown.
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