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[IP] Re: Value of Sil-serters

  Yessi,  I think that your pump trainer is wrong. The value of the 
Sil-serter varies according to the skin sensitivity and the location of the
insertion site. There are times that I don't need it and times that it is
the only way to use an uncomfortable area or insert in an awkward site. It
also helps to get over the hesitation period that comes when you first look
at the introducer needle.
    After a year of sil use the serter has become a sometime-aid for me. I
understand that they cost about $50 and I don't know if I would pay it out
of my pocket. Maybe.        Peter

> My pump start date is 6/25 (I'm excited!)  I'll be using the Sillouette
> infusion sets with my MiniMed Paradigm.  These seemed to be the best choice
> for me because I am small and slim.  My pump trainer said that the
> Sil-serter was more trouble than it was worth, easier to insert by hand.
> I'd sure appreciate any suggestions/encouragement on how to get started.  To
> me, those introducer needles looked a heck of a lot bigger than my tiny
> little 33 G syringes!  Any tips would surely be appreciated.  Thanks!
> Yessi Palmer, Gig Harbor, WA
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