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Re: [IP] Disetronic and FDA

>Hi, new to this site and I find it very open and interesting. Two things -
>Yes, Roche actually purchased Disetronic earlier this year and as silly as the
>FDA may appear on this there is usually a pretty solid reason for this type of
>action. I spent some time on the FDA website today and there have been several
>FDA warnings giving to Disetronic  over the last 16 months which forced them
>to do this "field action". If you visit the FDA site - fda.gov ( I think) and
>do a search for disetronic there is a lot to read.

Another useful site is FDA's MAUDE Reports:


Use the Product Code "LZG" for insulin pumps and you will see the 
reports made by users, care providers and manufacturers.    Where did 
you locate "several warnings to Disetronic" at FDA?     I only found 
2 more than Minimed had received, though both of those searches went 
back to the early 90's.

btw, your Profile said you had spent many visits to ER for hypo 
incidents.  That is one thing that has NOT happened to me since going 
on the pump and lowering my A1c by over a full point   :>)
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