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Re: [IP] Re: EzManager plus

>Is the 3.0 version Mac compatible yet? Jenny has an Animas pump and 
>we would sure like to use EZ Manager.

Ver. 3.0 seems perfectly compatible in Virtual PC.  Of course, 
Virtual PC is a big memory hog (that's the Risk of CISC), so with 
only 768 mg in Ram I usually shut down VPC when I work with Movies or 
burning DVD's.    ;>)

>George wrote:
>>>New version 3.0 has some better reports I think, though I cannot 
>>>for the life
>>>of me find anyplace to record my different basal programs.  Help anyone?
>>That is done in the EZ Manager Desktop, where most of the heavy 
>>data manipulation is done, such as building your custom Food 
>>Database. Check under Logs, Pump Settings or press <cntl> "P". 
>>That will open a screen to access all the data settings on the 
>>Animas pump including all 4 Basal Profiles.

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