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Re: [IP] Re: newbie with Sillouette infusion sets

Hey Yessi, we are practically neighbors.  We are up in Poulsbo in Kitsap 
 County. Josh is the pumper. He is VERY skinny and we have great success with
MM Quick Set 6mm canula and use that inserter which is fantastic and easy to 
use.  It seems that each company insists on starting everyone out with the 
Sils/Comforts/Tenders style set with the big honker needle and the difficult 
 angle insertion. They did for us too but we failed miserable with that style of
set.  When we swtiched to the 90 degree straight in type of set it was like a 
breath of fresh air for BOTH of us.  Easier on Josh and definately easier on 

So before someone else decides for you which set will be best for YOU try all 
the different style sets and decide for YOURSELF which one is more 
comfortable for YOU!!!

Good Luck and feel free to contact me anytime since we are neighbors!!!

mom to Joshua
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