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[IP] Pumps and rides

> Also, pump
> companies advise that you do not bring your pump on certain rides.  If you
> have to disconnect and then wait a long time for the ride, obviously this
> can create a problem.

They do?  This is the first I've heard of this in over 8 years of pumping
and much more riding -- please provide references.  The G-forces you go
through on most rides are less than you put yourself through when you flop
down on the couch at the end of the day, so the pump isn't at risk of damage
from the G's.

One POSSIBLE concern I could see is with modern rides that use magnets for
acceleration (Linear Induction Motors, for the most part) or braking, but
even there, you and the pump are far enough away from the magnets for it to
not be a concern.

I could also see concern with losing the pump, but that's a different story,
one easily remedied with something like a Clip-N-Go.

I've never disconnected my pump on any ride, and as I've said before, I've
been on a whole lot of 'em...  If anyone wants to take that discussion, or
any other amusement park-and-diabetes discussion, off the list, feel free to
contact me via email.  (Other than the access pass argument, which I've had
my public say about -- if you really need the pass, by all means get it,
otherwise please don't abuse the system)

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