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Re: [IP] Re: Front of the lline (Line)

Yes, I work hard to educate people about diabetes.  However, I often find
that the prejudice in diabetes is not that a person can't hold a job or
shouldn't be allowed to drive.  More often the prejudice is that diabetes
should require no special accommodations ever.  The Washington Post has
printed that people with diabetes should not test blood sugars and should
not be allowed to treat lows on the public transit system.  So if you're on
the metro and you feel low, you have no need to test and no right to drink
or eat anything.  In the school system, I've been told that my son does not
need insulin, has no right to ask for assistance in caring for himself if he
feels he needs it (he's only 9), should be required to take standardized
testing even if his blood sugar is 20, and a number of other senseless
things.  Every one of our fights has involved allowing him to 'manage' his
diabetes and not being told that he shouldn't be treated like the other

The general public is going to be awfully confused not matter what you may
or may not do.  Those who don't live with it, simply don't understand it.


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From: "Laura Shapiro" <email @ redacted>

> work hard to educate people on diabetes, and we work hard to say why we
> deserve things like good jobs and driver's licenses. If a perfectly
> diabetic (with no problems) requests special treatment, then the general
> public is going to be awfully confused on what we can or cannot do.
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