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Re: [IP] Re: front of the line

Absolutely.  Maybe as an adult, excitement is less and blood sugars are not
affected as dramatically as in children.  I do see very good reasons to have
a special assistance pass at amusement parks.  On top of what you have
already mentioned, standing in a long line in hot weather tends to lead to
dehydration and dehydration leads to high blood sugars.  Also, pump
companies advise that you do not bring your pump on certain rides.  If you
have to disconnect and then wait a long time for the ride, obviously this
can create a problem.  I don't think you necessarily require accommodations
every single time on every single ride, but there certainly are times it
would be valid.  Just because you don't feel the need to use special
assistance passes does not mean you can determine that is so for all people
with diabetes.

Diabetes does require special accommodations throughout life in all
situations.  Denying this and repeatedly jumping up and down screaming "I do
not have a disability" is in my view a huge case of denial.  Diabetes does
not mean you can't lead a full, wonderful, happy, and successful life.  It
just means that you have considerations that non DMers do not.  Because you
may need special considerations does NOT require that you shouldn't be
allowed a good job or the right to drive.  These blanket statements just
blur the issue.

BTW, I bet there are plenty of people in wheelchairs who would be saying the
same thing as many of you - that they need no more help than anyone else,
thank you.  I know a couple of them.


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> Summer,
> Gosh I have mixed feelings on this topic.
> HOWEVER,   I've also had plenty of occasions over the ten
> years he has had D  where he has been fine one moment and
> then crashing in the 20's or 30's a half hour later.     The excitement
> and stress of waiting in line for an hour for a ride can really
> mess him up.     At 6Flags we've finally made it to the front of the
> line a number of times only to have him crash as we approached
> it and not be able to board the ride because he was too low.
> With nowhere to wait safely for his numbers to rise we've had to
> leave the ride.      And yes, a few times we did attempt to go back
> through the handicapped entrance to reboard and were told we
> had to start all over in the line instead --  regardless.
> Sincerely,
> Barbara A. Petzoldt - Pump Mama to Zachary (13 1/2,  Dx 2/93
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