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[IP] Life's Fairness and Standing In Line

At 11:30 AM 6/20/03, Chance wrote:
>There are cases when individuals need to be taken to the front of the line
>or afforded certain accommodations, that we can not question this at all.
>But be glad that most of us as individuals with this disease can stand in
>line.  Remember those that cannot.

This discussion comes up every summer and sometimes gets to be a very 
heated debate.  Yes, most of us can probably stand in line, some of us 
cannot.  I don't think that those of us who can stand in line should 
chastise or criticize those who cannot.  Those of us who have survived 
diabetes with limited complications should not assume that everyone should 
be and feel the same way that we do.  We are all individuals with this 
disease, and for many years I even refused to call it a disease, it was 
just a "condition".  But, what I feel may not be the same that someone else 
feels.  So please, lets not criticize or attack each other.

Type 1 40 years this July
Pumping 3 years this past May 
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