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Re: [IP] Frio Wallet

At 11:30 AM 6/20/03, insulin-pumpers-digest wrote:
>Can someone explain what it means on the ordering part of the frio website
>about the red colored ones??  It says something about them not being used
>for bands, huh??  I'm going to order one, but not red if it doesn't work
>right or something...
>- -Brian

Well, I've only got one thing to say about frios and color.  When I ordered 
mine, I ordered a blue one.  They sent me a red one telling me that they 
had so much demand for the frio wallets that red was the only color they 
had available.  When I contacted them, they told me I could send it back at 
my cost and they would give me a refund of the price.  I decided to just 
keep it, it wasn't worth the aggravation of returning it.  I only wish they 
would have contacted me first about the color rather than just sending me 
something I really didn't want.

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