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Re: [IP] also have sleep problems related to bg's

I'm glad you brought this up.  I used to have problems when on Lantus and
Humalog early in the 
modning if if was lower than 120. Going to bed at less than 180 might spell
trouble for me 
the next day but not always. Since going on the pump it seems to have
leveled out a bit.
I need to end this at this time, but i will be back with more comments.



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> I too have sleep problems related to my blood sugars. If my bg is going
>up or down based on my dinnertime bolus still working or my last meal still
>being metabolized, I have trouble falling asleep until it's stabilized.
Also, I
>wake up around 2 or 3a.m. if my sugar drops below about 150. This habit
>10 years ago before I went on the pump. At that time I would have frequent
>middle of the night lows (but not always, so it was hard to get the right
>bedtime dose of NPH), so I got somewhat paranoid and starting going to bed
>my sugars at around 180. After going on the pump I think I psychologically
>felt that I needed my sugars to be at that level because anytime they drop
>during the night to 150 or less I wake up and have a wide awake jittery
type of
>feeling. Sure enough if I get up to test, which I do most nights, I find
that it
>is 150 or below, and I have to drink some oj or other carb to be able to fall
>back asleep. Otherwise I'll literally lie there wi!
> de awake
>  for up to 3 hours. I'm sure it's all in my head, but I can't help it. Of
>course this isn't good for my A1C's, but I've tried over the years to deal
>it and I can't. I suppose if I was willing to go several nights with
barely any
>sleep I would overcome this problem, but I'm not willing to do that. Does
>else have this sort of problem or does anyone have any suggestions on how to
>handle it? Pam. DX 14 yrs., pumping 10 yrs. Just started with Paradigm.
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