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Re: [IP] cold batteries

I agree with NT, you can but do not have to keep them in a refrig. My
paradigm uses AAA i keep the 
package on a bulletin board. Just be sure that the expiration date is
beyond the date that you will
use them.

jimb (old but not that old) :>)

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>> I have always stored my pump batteries in the frig.  Good or bad?
>Bad, very very bad! Go to your room. It IS OK to store them in he FRIDGE,
>Years ago (LONG before you were born -- I am VERY old) the ONLY batteries
>for stuff like flashlights and transistor radios were zinc carbon cells and
>if they were NOT kept in a very cool environment they would self discharge
>and "go bad" in a matter of months. They often went bad on the shelves of
>the stores that sold them, too.
>With the advent of different chemistries for cells such as silver, and
>alkaline and not so long ago mercury, the cells would self discharge at a
>much much slower rate. The rate does decrease a little in the refrigerator
>so they WILL last longer if kept below forty degrees F., but the difference
>for an alkaline cell (those are what we use in our pumps and what we use in
>our flashlights these days almost exclusively) would meant that it would
>only last five years instead of six years.
>So, keep it in the refrigerator if you wish (hey, if that is where you are
>used to looking for them that is a good enough reason to store them there).
>It definitely will not harm them. It IS a good idea to let them warm up to
>room temperature before USING them because when cold they use up more of
>their chemistry to make current.
>Nick Trubov
>and all the little Trubovs
>Lorree, Eupie & Corbin
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