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[IP] FDA D'tronic Spat (long)

I'd like to offer a slightly different point of view on this.

 To start off, I do not work in the medical industry, and I have no connection
at all to the parties involved in this case. But I strongly
 suspect that not very many other list member do either. A lot of people here
are making speculations, choosing sides and getting angry.
Very few facts are surfacing.

 Since we are all working off hypothetical information here, I'd like to add
another hypothetical perspective. I work in the Aviation industry.
 If there is an industry more heavily regulated than medical, it is Aircraft.
The reason is simple math. If an insulin pump, for example, has a
 major design flaw it could be potentially fatal to a relatively small number of
people. This assuming that the flaw is identified and use of the
 affected pumps halted after only a few incidents. However if a 767 were to have
a serious design flaw that caused it to crash into, say, a
 very tall building, it could kill hundreds instantly, even before the flaw is

 I for one am very comfortable flying, because I know the various regulatory
agencies are downright anal about making sure aircraft are safe.
 Even though some defects do slip though. So when the FAA thinks there is a
problem with one of our products, it is our responsibility to
 deal with the issue swiftly and decisively. If that means grounding aircraft,
so be it.

 Does D'tronic have a problem? I don't know, and I don't care. I am not a
D'tronic user, but I'd like to think I'd feel the same even if I was. I
would rather the FDA over-react once in a while than under-react, even once.  

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