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[IP] Re: Fount of the line

Just my two cents here--first of all a handicap doesn't have to be something
visible or that something that prevents you from standing.
Each of us has our own limits/manners in which to handle our various issues.
I hate diabetes, but I still have it- I control it very very well, which
takes alot of work, is it a disability? Absolutely--to me it is due to how
it weights on my life, body, and mind right now.
We all have our own opinions and our own method of dealing with this
dreadful disease-none of us is right, and none of us is wrong.
I have been written up at work because I had to log off the phone system to
have a juice or go to the doctor in an emergency- all because people don't
know enough about this disease and don't understand how it can be invisible
one moment and very apparent the next.
I seriously think that we need to drop this whole "front of the line"
issue-it's not getting anywhere...
Let's all just get along, make our own decisions as far as this goes, and
work at educating our public however we can.
email @ redacted
type 1-10 years
pumping 2.5 years
23 weeks pregnant with Alex

Subject: [IP] RE:  Front of the lIne

Susan:  So if you told anyone you knew that you obtained a special pass for
Disneyland because you are a diabetic, what reason are you giving for
the pass? "I need a special pass because.....????" Because you have diabetes
or wear a pump?
  If you are capable of standing in a line, then where oh where is your
Did anyone think of the fact that you could have a problem such as a low,
as easily on a ride as waiting for a ride? Like someone else said, take your
meter take your glucose tabs and sunscreen and go be a normal tourist.
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